Ironworkers Local 725 (IW725) is your source for Proven and Dependable Ironworkers.

Running a lean workforce is a strategy to maximize returns while managing risk. We provide skilled Ironworkers from the start of the project to the finish. This allows you to avoid excess overhead in the down periods.

IW725 clients are already achieving profit as the economy rebounds, by maintaining a smaller core workforce, and accessing high-quality “labor on demand” Ironworkers, only when their workload calls for it.

Better People, Better Built.


We adhere to strict recruiting measures and maintain a comprehensive safety program.

We offer our Ironworkers industry leading benefits, stable work, ability to travel, pensions and training opportunities based on eligibility.

When you really focus on total labor-related costs, it becomes clear how much profitability can improve when you incorporate “labor on demand” into your business strategy.

The top 5 benefits of having IW725 on your team are

  1.  Maximizing Workforce Productivity

  2.  Decreasing Hiring Costs and Challenges

  3.  Controlling Group Benefits Costs

  4.  Reducing Legal and Regulatory Compliance Risk

  5. Minimizing Workers' Compensation Exposure

Are You Ready to Run Lean While Increasing Profitability?

Ironworkers are qualified to provide service in these six areas:

Their job is to unload, erect, and connect fabricated iron to form the skeleton of a structure. Structural ironworkers work on the construction of industrial, commercial, and large residential buildings, as well as on towers, bridges, stadiums and prefabricated metal buildings. They also erect and install pre-cast beams, columns, and panels.
Reinforcing ironworkers fabricate and place rebar in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures. Reinforcing ironworkers also install Post-Tensioning Tendons (cables). These cables are placed in concrete forms along with the reinforcing steel. After the concrete is poured and hardened, the ironworkers stress the tendons using hydraulic jacks and pumps. This technology allows structures to span greater distances between supporting columns.
Ornamental ironworkers install metal windows into masonry or wooden openings of a building. They also erect the curtain wall and window wall systems that cover the steel or reinforced concrete structure of a building.
Maintenance Ironworkers install and maintain plants, doors (metal, roll-up and bank vaults), canopies, conveyors, geodesic domes, overhead cranes, detention facilities (jail cells), and amusement equipment and rides.
Welding and burning equipment are considered “tools of the trade.” Almost every construction project on which an ironworker works requires these essential skills. In order to become proficient in these tasks, the ironworker apprentice and/or journeyman learns how to burn and weld at one of the 160 ironworker training centers located throughout North America. Upon completion of training, the ironworker student will have the opportunity to be tested to become a certified welder.
All ironworkers have knowledge of fiber line, wire rope, hooks, skids, rollers, proper hand signals, and hoisting equipment, as well as have comprehensive training on safety issues. Ironworker riggers load, unload, move and set machinery, structural steel, curtain walls, and any other materials or work falling under the jurisdiction of the Ironworker. This work is done using equipment like power hoists, cranes, derricks, forklifts and aerial lifts, or by hand, using a series of blocks and tackle.

Calgary Local 725 Contractors

AB&S Steel

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Allied Reinforcing

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4300 50 Avenue SE Calgary AB T2B 2T7

B.A.R. Placers Inc

571 Erin Woods Terrace SE, Calgary AB

Bova Steel

240 Rang St-Jean SE Lavaltrie QC J5T 3E5

Consolidated Placers

PO box 56012, Calgary AB

Dave’s Foresight

159 McHugh Road NE T2E 7R6

Harris Rebar

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4425-92 Avenue Edmonton AB T6B 2J4


Leder Steel

Airways RPO PO box 56012, Calgary AB

Leppards Steel

60 Welshimer Crescent NE Langdon, AB T0J 1X1

Lorentz Contracting

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Old Castle

210 Great Gulf Drive Calgary AB TL4K 5W1

Pacific Coast Reinforcing


PLC Placing LTD

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Supreme Steel LP

10457 184 Street Edmonton AB T5S 1G1

Triangle Steel

2915 54 Avenue SE Calgary AB T2C 0A9

TSE Steel

4436-90 Avenue SE Calgary AB T2C 2S7

Walters Group

1318 Rymai Road East Hamilton ON L8W 3N1

West Wind Reinforcing

19144 S. Molalla Avenue, Suite A, Oregon City OR 97045

Western Bar Placers Inc

14 12030 Suite 35 Symons Valley NW Calgary AB T3P 0A3